Size matters

What we did for the activity called “size matters” is we had to get a trundle wheel and measure what spot your chosen planet(piece of paper) is in the solar system (the oval) compared with the other planets (other groups with there little circle pieces of paper)                       We chose Jupiter for our planet.

19.2 m was the distance of our planet away from the sun.

My group: Liam, Kynan, Ethan. K, Louie, and hamza.

Principal Leadership speech

Today our principal (Mrs Montgomery) came to our classroom and gave us tips about our leadership success if we would like to be a leader.

Like – you must be nice to your friends and trust them or you must be good with team work because nobody wants to be bossed around by a bad leader! Our principal  also told us about the different school she teaches at.

And if I asked her a question I would ask: From a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your school that you used to work at?



Greensborough Secondary School band and choir

Today we were visited by Greensborough Secondary School and they played about 5/6 songs (can’t remember!) but one was, sadly, Michael Jackson. And yes I said “sadly” because I don’t really like Michael Jackson very much at all.

But the rest was pretty good so great job to Greensborough Secondary School and thank you.



Welcome to my first ever blog, because it’s my first ever blog, its still a work in progress.

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